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El Nino

Examines the causes & climatic effects of heated ocean current in general & specifically the 1982-1983 example. Discusses drought, animals, sea life and weather prediction. write my essay cheap

The weather stands as one of the phenomena of the natural world that has a great effect on human activity but which human beings seem to be incapable of affecting, or even predicting with any accuracy. In this age of satellites, space travel, and computer simulations, though, we learn more and more about how the weather is formed and about different natural forces related to the weather either as cause or effect. Among the forces being studied today for the effect they have on weather conditions are the jet stream high above and the condition known as El Nino found in the Pacific ocean. The two in concert have a profound effect on the weather in California and throughout the Pacific region, with other effects extending far beyond that immediate area. El Nino has been blamed both for massive rains and drought …