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Frederick W Taylor

Discusses theories of the American businessman/thinker in scientific approach to management. Examines goals, principles, human & technical problems, production levels and worker education. write my essay reddit Born near the mid-point of the nineteenth century, Frederick W. Taylor, is a striking example of the self-made man who, through his own efforts and intelligence, not only dramatically altered his own life, but also revolutionized the theory and practice of management. Taylor came on the scene in America at a time (1880 to 1890) when industrialization had hit a peak and the growing faith in science as the savior of man and his endeavors was becoming a significant aspect of the American ethic. Taylor synthesized these elements into both a theory of management practice and a scientific method applicable to the solution of management problems (Merrill 66).

One of the characteristic developments in American industry which was coincidental with Taylor’s appearance and work, was the growing separation of attitudes and objectives of labor and(…)