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Flooding on Park Lane

A case study to resolve the flooding problems of Park Lane in Columbia County, Georgia.

The purpose of this case study is to perform analysis in order to recommend solutions to resolve the flooding problems from Reed’s Creek in the area at the end of Park Lane and also to convince the county commissioners to develop and implement a plan to provide a solution to the problem. It provides the background related to the problem, the magnitude of the problem, what the author believes to be the cause of the problem, and what affects the problem has on the residents. Outline Abstract Introduction Background Magnitude of the Problem Causes of the Problem The Affects of the Problem Analysis Goals How the Goals Relate to the Problem Alternatives for Achieving Goals Costs and Benefits of Alternatives How the Alternatives Affect the Problem Assumptions Pros and Cons of Alternatives Preferred Alternative Conclusion Implementation Plan Recommendation

Plans Success

It is plain to see that the alternative that should be selected is allowing commercial contractors, with strict guidelines, the opportunity to develop and implement a plan for the development of a nature park that would inevitably solve the main problem of flooding in the flood plain area and subsequently solve all the other minor problems the flooding brings. The reason I choose this alternative is because the project would be fully funded by commercial contractors and the project would be implemented quickly with the long-term goals being reached in a relatively short amount of time. There is no reason to place this tax burden on the residents of Columbia County when there are viable alternatives such as commercial development.