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Girl Bullying

A look at the growing problem of girl bullying in schools. write my essay for me for free
This paper examines studies that show that girl bullying is rife in American schools. It looks at how girl bullies do not use typical male modes of physical behavior, such as fighting, to defeat their targeted individual. Rather, they use covert, non-aggressive means, such as the silent treatment, name calling, and avoidance, which are usually not noticeable. It also shows how, as increasing number of anecdotal and analytical studies are conducted, it is becoming much clearer that this problem has existed for decades and continues to plague large numbers of girls today. “As many as 72 percent of school-aged females report they have been bullied (Cash, 1995, p.123). Most studies, however, have focused on physical violence, bodily harm or weapons, with less research on less severe types of attacks such as mocking or social isolation. In Odd Girl Out: The Culture of Hidden Aggression in Girls (website interview), Simmons conducted hundreds of interviews with girls and women, some of whom described terrorizing so severe that they developed ulcers and eating disorders, moved to other schools, started using drugs, or became depressed or suicidal and underwent psychological counseling well into their adult years.”