Post-Modern Outside America

This paper discusses why the notions of a so called post-modern culture are relevant outside of America.

This paper rejects the idea that a post-modern culture is not valid outside of America. It discusses the origins of the Post-Modern theory and the theorists who write/talk about it at length. The paper also explores the presence of different forms of post-modern culture outside of America including in architecture and music.
“What is postmodern culture? Postmodern culture is the blurring of lines between what is real and what is simulated, it the ever increasing intextuality of our lives – the inextricable binding of the media, mass culture and daily life. In postmodern society there is “an incredulity towards meta narratives” (Lyotard 2004) “and truth is what we invent, not what we discover” (Spender 2004). Postmodern culture is present in every Westernised society, its relevance is global; American society and culture provide excellent examples of the extent to which postmodern culture exists but it is not alone in postmodernity.”

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