Preferences in Art

An examination of why human beings favor hand-drawn sketches over computer-aided drawings.

This paper takes the position that hand-drawn sketches activate long-term memory issues and experiences that the viewer of the sketch can identify with. There are psychological aspects at work that most individuals have never considered or studied. Because of this, it is important that the issue be examined so that these aspects can be identified and determined. Only through this examination will it be possible to determine what actually makes people more interested in hand-drawn sketches than in those created by computers, and only through examination can the psychological considerations be discovered and analyzed. This paper looks at these psychological issues and the reasons behind the stronger interest in hand-drawn sketches versus computer sketches to the extent that this is possible, given the scarcity of literature on the subject.
“Despite this, there are no studies to be found in appropriate and reliable journals and therefore it becomes necessary to study of what is available which is generally related to opinions of individuals and how they feel about hand drawn sketches and other images when compared to computer-generated images. Some of this information can be considered reasonably reliable because it comes from animators and other individuals in the business who would be more knowledgeable about these things. However, some of the information also comes from others that would not have knowledge about this issue and therefore rely only on how they feel when dealing with a choice between hand drawn or computer imagery.”

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