The Evolution of Human Rights

A paper which studies how the question of human rights has been studied by philosophers through history.

The paper shows that within the realm of life exist inherent elements to one’s existence; paramount to man’s existence is the concept of natural rights. It discusses how philosophers have long postulated what, exactly, these rights consist of within the massive scope of mortality, with some contending that natural rights are those that are without social infiltration, while others attest to the fact that natural rights are doled out only by social status. The paper shows that, from Locke to Hume and myriad other philosophers in between, the issue of natural rights has evolved from those who both share and oppose specific ideals associated with humanity’s intrinsic privilege.
Man’s struggle to assert his rights as a human has existed ever since humanity realized its inherent separation from the rest of the living world. Through the centuries, this perpetual quest for upholding said rights has been met with great resistance from those who believe that only a select few should be granted the privilege of human rights. Philosophers have spent endless hours determining exactly what the concept of rights truly means, with the general consensus reflecting the respect for and appreciation of one’s own unrestricted distinctiveness amidst the broader social spectrum.

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