A discussion on ethics with an emphasis on information ethics.

This paper examines the topic of ethics and shows how ethics are different from morals and values. It is a field of human inquiry that examines human actions and reactions as to what is right or wrong. The paper discusses how ethics help a person define their moral rules and how a person without ethics will have no morals. It shows how people have to make ethical dilemmas almost every day about life without even realizing it and gives examples. In particular, the paper discusses information ethics in an age of advanced technology. The internet has created the ability to obtain all types of information about people and places and information ethics has become a serious issue.
“Is this different from computer ethics or from cyber ethics? Is there a need for information ethics? In my opinion, it is important to have ethics concerning information. Cyber ethics might only include computers. There is a need to include cell phones, too. Definitely ethics is important in the new technological world. Are there different ethics that are related to information, computers, and cyberspace, are they old issues that are dressed differently? In my opinion they are similar to the ethics that a person already has, but they are different and should be addressed as being different.”

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