An explanation of the drug, creatine, which is used as a nutritional supplement.

This paper looks at the make-up of the drug, creatine, officially called creatine monohydrate. The writer explains that this drug is generally taken by body builders, as it raises the tolerance level for harder training and helps provide more intense muscular stimulus for growth. The paper shows how the drug works and looks at the positive and negative side effects of taking it.
“The benefits from creatine appear mostly to be in the field of anaerobic sports, such as weight lifting, sprinting and jumping (Lifelink). The muscle energy it produces in aerobic athletes seems to be offset by weight gain from additional water and muscle. Creatine builds muscle in that it enables the individual to train harder, and therefore, has little effect or impact on sedentary individual. But a 2003 study revealed that subjects who suffered from muscular dystrophy and used creatine experienced increased strength in the legs, hands and feet.”

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