The Concept Of Race

This paper discusses the history of the word “race” according to anthropologists & linguists.

The history of the word race had much of an effect on the concept of race, according to anthropologists and linguists. This is true although as much confusion has existed about the concept as the actual knowledge about it. For example, one reputable atlas still in circulation has Finland colored yellow for Mongoloid simply because the Finns share a linguistic stock with Asiatic people who are either partly or wholly Mongoloid; the Finns are definitely not Mongoloid themselves. Even Sir Winston Churchill once called the British a race and too often the Jews have also been called a race when they are actually are a religion. However, linguistic affinity, common residence on an island and the possession of a common religion tend to facilitate the flow of genetic material between groups of people but not necessarily to a race-forming degree. Thus, Finns, Britons, and …

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