The Making of the New World Order

This paper discusses the foreign policies of the United States towards Israel and Iraq within the historical and the current context.

The paper begins with some introductory comments on the meaning and goals of a foreign policy. It then moves on to conduct a comparison between the US policy towards Iraq and the US policy towards Israel. In looking at the US responses to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, to Israel’s War of Independence, to the Six-Day War and to the Yom Kippur War; the writer highlights the differences in the U.S.’s relationships to these two countries. Factors influencing the U.S. foreign policy towards Israel and the Middle East are discussed and the present US/Iraqi conflict is explored. The paper looks at how U.S. support of Israel could damage its relationships with other Arab countries and how this could work to the advantage of Saddam Hussein. The paper concludes with a prediction for the future.

Table of Contents
Comparison and Contrast Between US Policies Towards Iraq and Israel
US Response To Iraq’s Invasion Of Kuwait The Gulf War
US Response To The 1948 War Of Independence
US Response To The Six-Day War And Aggression In Lebanon
US Response To The Yom Kippur War In 1973
Factors Influencing The US Foreign Policy Towards Israel And Middle East
Present US And Iraq Conflict
Saddam Hussein And The Israel Card
Prediction In Light Of Events
“Any country’s foreign policy towards other states is symbolic of common goals of the two. Moreover, any foreign policy is shaped by a country’s interests in that particular region which can range from economic to political. In addition to the above, a foreign policy towards a country is also influenced by the fear of some threat from the same. As a result of which, the policy can take any antagonistic form- legitimate or otherwise but largely negative that aims to dominate rather than collaborate. One example of the first kind of policy mentioned above is that of United States towards Israel. An example of the second kind is again the foreign policy of United States but towards Iraq. With only nominal similarities, the foreign policies of United States towards Israel and towards Iraq are a world apart.”

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