German Opposition To Hitler

Argues that Hitler’s rise to power, & control of Germany by the Nazi Party, was not without opposition. States that even after ascension of Nazi Party, opposition continued from inside & outside the government.

The Nazis did not come to power in Germany without opposition, and they did not develop their war machine in an atmosphere completely without resistance. There was resistance to the Nazis within German society from a number of people and groups in society, and this resistance was dealt with harshly as the Nazis tried to consolidate their own power and bring everyone into conformity with their program of belligerence toward Germany’s neighbors.
During the early days of the rise of the National Socialists to power, there were three characteristics of the regime: 1) a commitment to national tradition to make Germans identify with the state and its power; 2) the joining of tradition with the promise of a new order, of an historic breakthrough, and of a national revival and renewal; and 3) terror directed at enemies and at the (…)

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