Tel Aviv: The Ever Changing World

An overview of the geographic history of Tel Aviv.

This paper presents a guided tour of the geographic history of Tel Aviv, Israel. The paper describes the atmosphere and entertainment venues in this city and looks at the Dead Sea and its health benefits. The paper notes that the city of Tel Aviv is relatively new when compared to other cities within its regional area; however, the paper posits that when we take into account the areas surrounding the actual town of Tel Aviv proper we begin to see a rich and wonderful history tale unfold.
“As time marches forward the world continues to globalize. The walls that used to separate us have been removed and there are many cultures that are melding together both geographically and traditionally. The Tel Aviv are has always been considered a special place based on the history that came out of the Christian bible about its existence, importance and meaning. We have watched the area evolve in recent years as well as studied its past extensively and completely. There have been many changes and as we move further into the new millennium there will probably be many more to come. The one thing we can seem to count on is that there is never a dull moment there.”

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