Blacktown Demography

A brief discussion of the demography of Blacktown in Australia.

The community studied for purposes of this community health analysis is Blacktown. The population demographic and socio-demographic welfare of the people living in the area indicate a need for more community mental health and educational programs targeted toward young people living in the area, aged 22 and below. This paper examines the demographics of the area followed by a synopsis of the economic and health statistics for the area.
“The population of Blacktown was reported as 232, 219 people as of the last census retrieved in 1996. Of these people, reportedly 114,043 were males and 117,176 were males (BBC, 2000). The population density is 941 persons per square kilometer, with the area of Blacktown being 246.9 square kilometers (BBC, 2000). The city has been described as “young and thriving, representing more than 30 different cultures” (BBC, 2000). Currently a majority of the population is under the age of 45, with 70% of the population falling into this demographic. Based on the current population, the city is expected to grow to as many as 294,000 people by the year 2010.”

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