Feminism in Danzon

An analysis of the femininity within the feminist portrayal of Maria Novaro’s movie, Danzon.

Several characters are focused on to discuss different aspects of feminism. It explains how Maria Novaro’s movie, “Danzon”, highlights a strength and beauty within femininity. It provides an analysis of many of the movie’s characters to explain how the concept of femininity was maintained throughout.
The director can be said to have a form of feminism that demonstrates superficial feminine aspects as empowering, beautiful, and natural, rather than oppressive or degrading. The realities of women in cultures and subcultures are extremely complex, but in this 96 minute fairy-tale, it is the frilly, feminine fun that is so refreshing. The writer/director studied sociology and in the early 80’s was part of a feminist filmmaking group in Mexico City called Cine Mujer.

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