Multi-Culturalism for 8th Graders

A look at the importance of integrating multi-culturalism into the classroom setting.

This paper examines how, with the growing diversity in the United States population, it is becoming increasingly important that children receive an education that is multi-cultural in approach. It explores how a curriculum specializing in diversity provides alternative points of view relative to information already taught in most educational systems and how it gives ethnic minorities inclusiveness in history, science, etc., as well as decreasing stereotypes, prejudice, bigotry, and racism. It shows how, as a result, teachers are now developing different ways to incorporate ethnically-rich material into the classroom setting.
“Mathematics as well as English and literature can be the springboard for conversations on multiculturalism. Bosnick and Adeeb (2001) discuss a math lesson that evolved into a talk about race and gender equity. Using basketball goals to reinforce the use of fractions, students discuss the racial makeup of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and compare the status of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) to male teams. To reinforce the idea of equity and reaffirm that the game should have no boundaries with respect to color or gender, the emphasis was put on a person’s skill level, knowledge of the game, and commitment to play.”

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