King Lear

A paper which traces the downfall of King Lear, in William Shakespeare’s play of the same name.

The paper discusses King Lear’s progress from “Royal Lear,” to a man, “bound upon a wheel of fire”. The paper examines Shakespeare’s tragedy about the downfall of the most powerful man in Britain and how his flawed judgment reduced him to nothing emotionally and physically. The paper shows that at the end of the play, Lear is stripped of everything he possessed, including his sanity.
Out in the storm, Lear begins to lose his sanity. He blames his daughters for his misfortune and moans about their filial ingratitude. I am a man/ More sinned against than sinning. He doesn’t understand that the chaos that has been unleashed into the world began with his fatal mistake. Strangely at this moment he begins to show concern for others, namely the Fool. How dost, my boy? Art cold? He finally sees the suffering of his subjects and admits that he has ta en too little care of this! This highlights another one of Lear’s flaws. He did not perform his duty as a king satisfactorily before his downfall as he is not even aware of the sufferings endured by his subjects. It is only during his madness that he attains a little self-knowledge.

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