Film Analysis of Kiss of the Spider Woman

Discussion and analysis of the film, “Kiss of the Spider Woman”, directed by Hector Babenco.

This paper introduces, discusses, and analyzes the film, “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” directed by Hector Babenco. Specifically, it looks at the themes, style, historical and political content, language, and the structure of the film, which all point to a further discussion about the film and its motives.
“The two main characters, Valentin and Molina, meet in prison in an anonymous Latin American country. Molina is an obvious homosexual, who is in prison on charges of corrupting a minor. Valentin is a revolutionary, being held in secret and tortured for covert information. The two men are extremely unlikely partners. Molina lives in a fantasy world of old music and film, caught up in the romance of tragic movies with heartbreaking heroes and heroines. Valentin is withdrawn and fanatical about his cause. To end some of the dark boredom of their cell, Molina begins to concoct a fantastic story of love and deception, based on a Nazi film he once viewed. Each night, he adds to the story of a French woman fighting for the Resistance, who falls in love with a Nazi Chief of Counter-Intelligence. At first, Valentin does not want to hear the story, but night after night; Molina draws him in. The two men ultimately form a friendship stronger than the walls surrounding them.”

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