City of Light

A study of the American novel “City of Light,” by Lauren Belfer which is set in Buffalo, New York.

This paper analyzes the novel “City of Light” by Lauren Belfer, and which at first glance is about a young woman trying to make her way in the world. It describes the history, politics, people and architecture of the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. The author argues that the novel is an excellent example of how actual history can be interwoven with fiction to create a much more vivid and appealing backdrop for the action.
“One of the most glaring issues in this book is that of how women were treated in 1900 as opposed to today. The only reason the protagonist could have people (especially men) to her salons was because she was considered “unmarriageable.” ” I liked to think that my Monday evening salon was the only place in the city where men and women could mingle as equals” (Belfer 12). Today, it would be absurd to think that men and women, single or not, could not “mingle as equals,” but in 1900, it was not only the norm, it was required by society. Mores were much more strict and confining then, especially for women.”

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