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Wireless Technology in Hospitals

Study of the benefits of wireless technology in a hospital setting, as well as its disadvantages.

This paper examines wireless device technology within clinical settings in hospitals and considers whether the use of this technology delivers information properly and in a timely manner, or whether this type of system might actually be detrimental to the patients within the hospital. The paper analyzes the data available regarding the use of wireless technology in the hospital in an effort to determine how secure and helpful this technology will actually be, or whether there is still a great deal that needs to be discovered about it before it is fully utilized in the clinical setting. Introduction Review of the Literature Methodology Analysis of the Data

Summary, Recommendations, and Conclusion

“Wireless devices have been around for some time, but they have only recently begun to see use in hospital settings. This is largely because of the convenience factor that they have and as hospitals have realized that they are helpful for many aspects of patient care, they have been increasingly interested in utilizing them for that purpose. The problem with getting doctors to use this technology is that they are so used to the way that things work now that they often do not want to make changes that might end up having an adverse impact on what goes on in their interactions with patients.”