Marketing and the Internet

An analysis of the use of the internet in business.

This paper examines some of the basic precepts of internet marketing and discusses the relationship between this form of marketing and conventional marketing. The advantages and disadvantages of internet marketing are outlined and its effectiveness is compared to that of conventional marketing, evaluating which is the more effective of the two. It includes an examination of common ways in which the internet is used to offer services or purchase goods. The paper concludes with an argument favoring internet marketing over conventional marketing.

Table of Contents
The Relationship between Conventional and Internet Marketing
Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Marketing
Which Is More Effective: Conventional or Internet Marketing?
Common Uses for E-commerce
“There are certain basic needs that individuals must satisfy in life, i.e., food, love, shelter, etc. In order to quench such thirsts, people need to adapt to change, and to recognize the opportunities that will make them stand out from the pack. During the early years of civilization, individuals essentially followed the same path, i.e., basic infrastructures were established for commerce and business was generally conducted in the same manner regardless of the industry. Likewise, the focus of business was more directed towards essential needs rather than luxury items. In summary, businesses were slow to adapt to change and working within the normally accepted route was praised.”

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