A paper which explores many aspects needed for marketing a product.

The explores ways to market a book “Taking Charge With Back To Basics The Secret to Rebuilding the Economy one Family at a Time” by exploring the different areas and aspects of marketing. It shows how the current economic situation in the United States is the perfect consumer market for the book. The paper explores issues such as target markets, test studies, pricing and promotion of the product. It also provides an example of an advertisement for the book.
“The income of those who are targeted to purchase the book will be between $20,000 and $35,000 annually. This targeted income bracket allows the book to focus on a narrow segment of the population. There are problems specific to each income range and this book will focus on those who are most apt to struggle just for the purpose of survival.
This product will motivate certain buyers to reach for it. The motivators for the purchases of this product include the desire to become financially solvent and be able to relax about the future. Additional motivators will be the desire to set an example for children as well as be able to provide for them in a more secure manner than is currently possible.”

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