Human Resource Management

Discussion and analysis of some of the problems that the human resource department of a company will have to face when major structural changes are implemented.

This paper looks at some of the difficulties a company may face when there are different departments with different grades of workers who work together, but who do not work under common policies and operating principles. The paper also examines how this situation can give rise to problems with motivation and then examines the issues that human resources and the different departments must consider before any major structural changes are made.
“The goals and objectives of the organization should be the main driving force for the organization. (Morgan, 1998) The ideal utilization of every resource is important for the organization to function smoothly. The human element in any organization provides the maximum variance. It also requires the most attention in the organization. When the department in which both categories of workers are employed cannot define common policies for both grades of workers, the motivation of the workers may be affected. When situations like this occur in a work environment, it can create confusion and discontent among the workers.”

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