General Electric Business Policy and Strategy

An examination of General Electric’s (GE) business policy based on the ex-CEO Jack Welch’s autobiography “Jack Straight from the Gut.”

A look at the business policies and strategies of GE that have made it into such a successful company, according to Welch. It examines their marketing policies, their unique treatment of employees and its policies for employee diversity. The history of the company is briefly discussed and the manner in which the company managed its stocks to ensure its success in recent years.
“The historical success of General Electric is accounted in a very personal and real representation in Jack Welch’s autobiography Jack Straight from the Gut. The substantial nature of the exponential growth of General Electric from the time that Jack Welsh assumed the role of CEO until his retiring in 2001 is astounding. As an example, in 1980, GE Credit had 10 businesses and 11 billion in assets and was based only in North America. By 1990 GE Credit had 21 businesses 70 billion in assets and was based in three countries and by the year 2001 GE Capital as it is now known has 24 businesses 370 billion in assets and does business in 48 countries. Jack Welch gives credit to the diversity of business and a philosophy of controlled risk that provided consistent growth. (Welch 250)”

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