The Stem Cell Controversy

This paper argues that the pros clearly outweigh the cons on the subject of stem cell research controversy.

This paper is a detailed descriptive, argument paper about the effects of stem cell research. It is more of a pro stem cell research paper than a con. This term paper discusses stem cell research and clearly defines many difficult biological terms.
“Can you imagine a world where very few genetic disorders and an abundance of organs for donation exist? Fortunately, this will be the scenario if scientists keep advancing in the field of stem cell research. Many people, when they think of stem cell therapy, think of humans creating embryos in vitro just to use them for stem cell research. This is simply not true. Stem cells should continue to be researched because the potential benefits of a medical breakthrough can benefit humans in many ways. According to Jessica Reaves, a columnist for Time Magazine, ?The development [of stem cell technology] could, one day, lead to the mass production of blood for use in transplants or transfusions, blood that is totally indistinguishable from what is coursing through our veins. We could all say good-bye to blood supply shortages and blood drive mobile units.? Bio-technology has advanced so much, that ethics concern scientists and the people that fund their research. Scientists have to make sure that they do not “play God” and that their research has some significance to it, but much of the general population wonders if stem cell research needs to be conducted. People think that scientists are performing these stem cell experiments just because they have the technology to do so and the projects have no significance to them whatsoever. This is a common misconception that the average person has. Many people will be willing to accept the concept of stem cell research and its role in the benefit to the human race if they knew just a little more about the subject. ”

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