Circadian Rhythms and Regulation of the Human Body

This paper discusses three Internet sites that examine the role “biological clocks”, or circadian rhythms, play in regulating the human body’s internal activities.

This paper explains that an important point that is illustrated in the Biological Clocks, Brain Briefings web site is the role that light, specifically sunlight, plays in affecting the activities, not only of humans, but also of mammals in general. The author points out that the Circadian Rhythm Information Web centers its attention on circadian rhythm disorders and provides three categories containing links to web sites that provide information about the topic. The paper concludes that further studies about this phenomenon may be applied to the studies of jet lag and alteration of biological clocks in the context of aging.
The article cites scientific experiments conducted on animals to illustrate how circadian rhythms, and any alteration or irregularity in its pattern, may result to changes in the body’s internal rhythm. The article’s simple, yet illustrative, explanation of circadian rhythm disorders among animals show how sleeping disorders such as jet lags are understood on a scientific basis. Apart from circadian rhythm disorders, the article also centered its discussion on the biochemical reactions that take place in the human body in response to these circadian rhythms.

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