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Good Thesis Statements for Research Papers

Writing a good thesis statement for research papers is something that requires your whole attention because this chapter in your whole work will make the difference between an effective paper or an ineffective one.

First of all, before deciding on the structure of your paper, you must first decide on the subject, and based on that subject you will firstly build your thesis statement. The comes more and more complicated steps that are mandatory for the whole structure of your paper.
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The Importance of Strategic Management

Looks at the importance of strategic management in business. This paper explores the importance of strategic management in both local and international business. The paper focuses on two ways of conceptualizing strategy; the first is the impact of managerial careers on the kind of strategy that firms choose and the second is the impact of careers on the success with which given strategies are implemented. The paper looks at joint venture governance and shows how strategic management ensures the success and failure of any company. “Strategic management has to do with managerial decision making, and it like considers an enterprise as a whole entity interacting within a dynamic social, economic, political and competitive environment. It focuses on corporate resources and processes to reflect top level choices in corporate business definition and values established under conditions of uncertainty and imperfect information. Strategic planning determines where an organization is going over the next year or more, how it’s going to get there and how it’ll know if it got there or not. Far more important than the strategic plan document, is the planning process itself. (McNarma) Development of the strategic plan greatly helps to clarify the organization’s plans and ensure that key leaders are all on the same script. It is the process of development of strategy that ultimately decides how the company will proceed and what managerial decisions would be taken over the course of a financial year.”

The Year of the Heroic Guerrilla

A review of the book, “The Year of the Heroic Guerrilla: World Revolution and Counterrevolution in 1968” by Robert V. Daniels. This paper discusses the book “The Year of the Heroic Guerrilla: World Revolution and Counterrevolution in 1968” by Robert V. Daniels. The paper includes a personal reaction to the book. World politics of 1968 are analyzed and explained. The paper shows how the author attempts to illustrate the unrest that covered the globe that year, and to explain why it was such a pivotal time in history. “Some of the chapters were extremely sympathetic and made me appreciate the freedom we often take for granted her in the United States. In “Prague,” for example, it was chilling to watch as the Soviet occupational forces entered the radio station and made them stop broadcasting. We simply know this could not happen in our own country, and so are complacent. Seeing it really happen in modern history is eerie. Sometimes the book made me feel sadness for the oppression of people, and sometimes anger at that same oppression. I was equally angry at the Soviets, and at the Chicago police, and could not truly see much difference in their bullying tactics. As Ribicoff said, “With George McGovern we wouldn’t have Gestapo tactics on the streets of Chicago (Daniels 218).

Does America Need Gun Control?

Argues for relaxing gun control legislation in a country like America where the citizen has a need to protect him/herself. Living in a country where the courts rule, that the government has no duty to protect the individual citizens from crime; and where effectively, there is only one police officer to petrol over every 3,300 people; I say its time to arm yourself for protection.

Ethics & Marketing Of Alcohol

This paper reviews the literature looking at techniques & effects of advertising alcoholic beverages. Examines social, medical, psychological, regulatory, consumer and lifestyle aspects. write my essayz
This research will focus on the topic of ethics in marketing. An attempt will be made to provide a philosophical point of view. Following the introduction section of this paper will be a summary of relevant opposing articles and a summary of relevant articles. Where possible, these summaries will include the author’s credentials, along with quotes and critique. There will also be a section, devoted to current related developments (current news items). There will also be recommendations that will include opinions and reasons why these opinions are held. The concluding section of the research will discuss the future (legislation, public opinion).

For the purposes of focusing this research paper on ethics in marketing, one major relevant topic related to the topic of (…)

El Nino

Examines the causes & climatic effects of heated ocean current in general & specifically the 1982-1983 example. Discusses drought, animals, sea life and weather prediction. write my essay cheap

The weather stands as one of the phenomena of the natural world that has a great effect on human activity but which human beings seem to be incapable of affecting, or even predicting with any accuracy. In this age of satellites, space travel, and computer simulations, though, we learn more and more about how the weather is formed and about different natural forces related to the weather either as cause or effect. Among the forces being studied today for the effect they have on weather conditions are the jet stream high above and the condition known as El Nino found in the Pacific ocean. The two in concert have a profound effect on the weather in California and throughout the Pacific region, with other effects extending far beyond that immediate area. El Nino has been blamed both for massive rains and drought …

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Compares the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” with the movie version of the novel “Blade Runner”. write my essay for me reviews
The essay compares Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep with the movie based upon the novel, director Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. This essay argues that Dick’s novel differs significantly from the film Blade Runner in that it is far more concerned with philosophical issues associated with the cyberpunk genre – such as the nature of consciousness, and moral issues associated with artificial intelligence – than is the film. 9 pgs. 3 sources.

Frederick W Taylor

Discusses theories of the American businessman/thinker in scientific approach to management. Examines goals, principles, human & technical problems, production levels and worker education. write my essay reddit Born near the mid-point of the nineteenth century, Frederick W. Taylor, is a striking example of the self-made man who, through his own efforts and intelligence, not only dramatically altered his own life, but also revolutionized the theory and practice of management. Taylor came on the scene in America at a time (1880 to 1890) when industrialization had hit a peak and the growing faith in science as the savior of man and his endeavors was becoming a significant aspect of the American ethic. Taylor synthesized these elements into both a theory of management practice and a scientific method applicable to the solution of management problems (Merrill 66).

One of the characteristic developments in American industry which was coincidental with Taylor’s appearance and work, was the growing separation of attitudes and objectives of labor and(…)

Girl Bullying

A look at the growing problem of girl bullying in schools. write my essay for me for free
This paper examines studies that show that girl bullying is rife in American schools. It looks at how girl bullies do not use typical male modes of physical behavior, such as fighting, to defeat their targeted individual. Rather, they use covert, non-aggressive means, such as the silent treatment, name calling, and avoidance, which are usually not noticeable. It also shows how, as increasing number of anecdotal and analytical studies are conducted, it is becoming much clearer that this problem has existed for decades and continues to plague large numbers of girls today. “As many as 72 percent of school-aged females report they have been bullied (Cash, 1995, p.123). Most studies, however, have focused on physical violence, bodily harm or weapons, with less research on less severe types of attacks such as mocking or social isolation. In Odd Girl Out: The Culture of Hidden Aggression in Girls (website interview), Simmons conducted hundreds of interviews with girls and women, some of whom described terrorizing so severe that they developed ulcers and eating disorders, moved to other schools, started using drugs, or became depressed or suicidal and underwent psychological counseling well into their adult years.”

Arthur Schlesinger’s Imperial Presidency

This paper is a critical review of the book Arthur Schlesinger’s Imperial Presidency on changes in the presidency.

In The Imperial Presidency, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. addresses the changing role of the president in the United States, noting the fact that by the early 1970s, when he wrote this book, the president had become almost an absolute monarch in certain matters. Schlesinger traces the history of the presidency and considers how the concept of the office has changed, how the men elected to this office have contributed to this change, and how the system functioned in the early 1970s.
Schlesinger begins with the Founding Fathers and examines what they intended and how they embodied the concepts in the Constitution for the new nation. He considers how the attitudes of the Founding Fathers influenced the direction of the presidency during the first few administrations. The Founding …