This paper explains what a comet is and why they continue to circle around the planets.

This paper explains the composition of comets and clarifies what happens that gives them their shimmering appearance. It explains the various types of comets and elucidates the close link between the orbit of comets and the orbit of meteor showers. It lists the commonly seen features when a comet is near the sun and concludes by looking at factors resulting in a change in the behavior of a comet.
“In outer space there are many things that man is still trying to fathom, and he has been intrigued by many things high up in the sky, but yet has not been able to figure out what they are or what they may mean. The field of astrology is one that began thousands of years ago with the Egyptians being the first known astronomers. They were the ones who created the first map of the North Star that is used till today to trace the movements of our planet and the heavenly bodies around it.”

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