Claude Monet

A study of the art of French Impressionist painter Claude Monet.

This paper introduces the renowned 19th century French painter Claude Monet. It discusses his life and examines one of his works in detail. The paper argues that Monet is unquestioningly the father of impressionism, and paved the way for the abstract expressionism. The author states that Monet’s painting techniques rejected the standard art of time and came to influence painters today.
Since childhood he displayed the geniuses of an artist when he produced some of his marvelous caricatures and supplied to an art store at the age of sixteen (Monet French). This is where he met Boudin who saw in him the germs of an emerging artist and convinced Monet to step out in the world to prove his ability to paint. In 1860 Monet came across Pissarro at the Academie Suisse in Paris (Monet French). Monet’s love of art and painting faced many challenges and his career as a full-fledged artist saw many hardships (Monet French).

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