Erikson & Transition To Aging

Final stage of life as defined & analyzed by psychologist in context of his theories of life cycle & ego development. Examines biological, psychic & communal aspects; crises; integrity v. despair and retirement.

The topic is transition to aging, a subject of increasing interest in our society and one that has aroused considerable interest among researchers and theorists as well. The transition to aging is seen by many theorists as but another, though perhaps special, aspect of the life cycle. Erikson is the theorist who particularly emphasizes the life cycle and who considers aging in terms of its place in that cycle. The entire life cycle for Erikson is developmental in nature, with each stage growing out of earlier stages, and with each stage showing its distinctive characteristics. The transition to aging is a period during which certain aspects of the life situation of the individual can be seen to change and during which the individual develops new attitudes in response. We will consider Erikson’s approach and its ramifications for the transition to aging.

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