The Effects of Racism

Looks at the sociological, political, and economic effects of racism.

This paper examines the many detrimental effects racism has on a community and a country. The paper considers the economic aspects and the public health aspects, as well as the historical, cultural, and social effects. Also discussed are the psychological effects of racism and the effects racism has on the educational system and employment.
“Racism is adverse to the state and the nation itself. It destroys group patriotism and threatens national unity. The emergence of two separate nations in one land can be an outcome (Yodathezen). Racism is very expensive. The millions of dollars lost in race riots, the maintenance of separate physical facilities, the legal costs involved, welfare and employment payments and losses must be contended with. In some parts of post-Communist Europe, an unemployment rate of as high as 90% was a consequence of racism and the lack of skills. Racism is also deleterious to productivity, in that a large part of the national work force remains un-utilized maximally (Yodathezen). And in the international community, racism gives the whole country a black-eye, as when South Africa was universally condemned and deprived participation in world events and trade for many years.”

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