Global Marketing Differences

A look at the different approaches to marketing in countries across the globe.

This paper on the cultural differences in marketing trends compares and contrasts the marketing trends in the United States, China, and Taiwan. This paper also explains why culture plays such a huge role in each country’s marketing techniques. An illustration of the consumer behavior with respect to the most popular products being sold is also given. This paper also highlights relevant quotes to support its claim.
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Trends of marketing vary from country to country and are greatly influenced by that country’s culture. Good marketing decisions requires the planning and coordination of marketing resources and the integration of the marketing mix to achieve a desired result in markets selected for targeting by the business. The business’s offers are tailored through marketing decisions in terms of product line, place, pricing elements and sales promotions to match the perceptions of value of its target market. In some ways business markets are similar to consumer markets since they both involve people who assume buying roles and make purchase decisions to satisfy needs. Both business markets and consumer markets are greatly influenced by cultural trends. Business marketers also need to remember that women now account for a significant share of purchase decision-makers.

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